Andi Truman Lives near Munich and works as an IT specialist. Andi has three children (9, 12, and 20). He plays tennis for more than thirty years.

  • I teach you ONE METHOD that applies to ALL STROKES, and I will make you see how that works.
  • This is THE method to understand Tennis and to play better.
  • If you ever wondered why Tennis looks so easy and seems so difficult
  • Understand what the pros do differently and how they do it.
  • With my method you can advance without spending your life on the court.
  • Understand how to „treat“ a tennis ball in principle and be free of prescription-like learning.
  • Aren’t you tired of getting tennis lessons without advancing?
    This method is what you have been waiting for.
  • Tired of the splitting-it-up-more scheme? There is only one simplicity: you will find it in Tennis from the Far Side.
  • My method borrows from valid principles in life, which is detailed in the book.
  • Tennis from the Far Side comes to you in a 140 page PDF file with more than 100 photos depicting the explanations. TFTFS is knowledge transfer without barriers.
See the table of contents of my book below

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Get my book now and you will receive more than one hour’s worth of instructional tennis videos. These videos differ as I do not observe other players and then describe to you what I observed. My videos are arranged from a knowing state.

Here is a list of the complimentary video clips you will receive when you purchase Tennis from the Far Side. You pay for the book and get this one hour of videos on top, where I explain the concepts to you in person.

Intro and Fundamentals10:20min
Some More Basics5:00min
Forehand Drive14:00min
Topspin Forehand7:50min
Forehand Variant1:08min
Backhand drive7:20min
Topspin Backhand7:20min
Backhand Slice2:00min
Slice Serve2:44min
The Pronated Serve4:10min
The Volley1:00min
TFTFS Closing Note1:00min

I kept the videos short and succinct, as all they should do is inform, explain and show. Neither do I want nor do I need to steal your time. The principle for all the tennis strokes as taught by me in „Tennis from the Far Side“ is the same; so my videos share a homogeneous theme that works, which lets them stand out in clarity.

There are many other tennis videos in the www, but most of them are lengthy.
Videos do not work without a book. Videos alone are make-believe. They allot you the part of a paying and admiring spectator—time on end.

My course goes into more detail and works much finer through the imagination than videos ever could. The book has also more wit, at least for someone who can read and feel between the lines. Finally, my book has more facets and its message is more profound.

You can immediately extract the ZIP files on your computer, preferably in an easy-to-remember folder on your computer’s hard disk. To extract the ZIP files you need to have an archiving program installed on your computer as, for example, 7-Zip, which you can get and download for free here: http://www.7-zip.org/
After installation of the archiving program right click on the ZIP files you downloaded, one by one, and click „Extract here“.
To view the PDF file, you need to have a PDF viewer installed on your computer. You can download and install a PDF viewer for free, as, for example, Acrobat Reader that you find here: http://get.adobe.com/de/reader/ or you could get Foxit Reader for free here: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/
If you need an older version of a PDF Reader to match your PC and your operating system, you can get it for free here: http://get.adobe.com/de/reader/otherversions/
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or else Apple Quick Time 7 here: https://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

Once you know how tennis ticks you could improve by playing a few hours per week—I did! Conversely, if your state of mind in tennis stays the same, chances are your game stays the same too, regardless of your efforts.

I have struggled many years and I learned Tennis the hard way. In the beginning, I tried to learn through books, videos, classes, and private lessons. However, this never worked out satisfactory, even though I was a talented player.

At some point I found out that hardly anyone wanted me to advance. In truth, everybody wanted me to stay right where I was. Exactly that I did not want as I wanted to jump levels in my game of tennis. So I struck out on my own. This cost me many years but it was the only way out of my predicament. I knew I had to find the key to tennis on my own because no one out there would truly show me.

After 30 years, now I can show you! The reason is that I am more interested in life and advancement in life for myself and others than holding tight to some skills that I am afraid others could pick up because this would eliminate a dividing line and therefore change or mix up status and rank.

My method will not only teach you tennis but may let you understand life better. This is so because I borrow from principles in life for tennis. Tennis from the Far Side also contains an autobiographical section that describes the struggle I went through.

I truly wish I would have had access to such content more than thirty years ago; it would have been my saving grace.